Pack Up The Lego – Christy Mack Calls Off The Competition

Guys, it's time to pack up the Lego and admit defeat, Christy Mack has officially called off the competition she started last week.  Christy received well over 500 emails with…

Live / 27.08.2014

New Zealander Dylan Elise is probably the best drummer in the world

[embed][/embed] Is Dylan Elise the best drummer in the world? Probably. Naturally, that statement is highly subjective and there are hundreds of other drummers worthy of the title. However, there's…

Watch / 23.12.2014

The #1 White Girl Twerking Video

[embed][/embed] The internet is going crazy over the latest twerking video...we can see why! Dat ass doe...

Watch / 05.12.2014
ridiculous 6

The Ridiculous 6: Review

I'm sorry, but I'm getting straight to the point here. What an utter waste of time this was. I'll be honest, I had seen that this wasn't exactly getting stellar reviews…

Inspire / 10.01.2016

Knocking Gender Misconceptions: Five Important Points

Gender has been a major buzz word for the past couple years, with gender diversity being reflected more in popular culture, whether it be through television shows like Orange is…

Inspire / 25.08.2015

The Radinn Electric Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is going to be easier to do then ever before thanks to Radinn. They have come up with a personal electric wakeboard that is powered by a lithium battery…

Live / 22.09.2014

Why You Should Love Yourself Like Kanye Loves Himself

Life is home to many mysteries but if there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that Kanye West loves himself. Yeezy is notorious for his unusually large ego…

Inspire / 06.09.2015

Ferrari Sends Deadmau5 a Cease And Desist for his Purrari, Nissan Responds

So it seems Ferrari were not impressed with the custom treatment Deadmau5 gave to his Ferrari, and although I must say it is hideous, one would think once you spend…

Drive / 05.09.2014

Lamborghini Huracán Customized by MANSORY

German luxury car modifiers MANSORY are set to release their custom Lamborghini Huracàn at this years Geneva Motorshow in March. Take a sneak peak here. The vehicle exterior receives a…

Drive / 25.02.2015

Two Modern Mansions on Sunset Plaza Drive in LA

Here is a first look at concepts for two new additions to Los Angeles, Sunset Plaza Drive. This coveted piece of Real Estate, is more than just a flash address.…

Live / 04.09.2014

Mexico Residence by Olson Kundig Architects

This Mexican Residence is more of a Mexican Paradise. The beautiful home designed by Olson Kundig Architects, was completed in 2010, and is located in Cabo, Mexico. The home is…

Live / 04.09.2014

What Happens When Your Drone Runs Out of Battery

[embed][/embed] This could be the most incredible save ever... Check out the video footage of what happens when this guy's drone runs out of battery mid-flight.

Watch / 09.01.2015

Auckland Zinefest 2015

Auckland Zinefest is an annual non-profit event advocating self publishing and everything DIY. The event is completely run by a team of committed volunteers driven by their passion for the arts…

Inspire / 23.08.2015

Earrings With Your Favourite Celebrities On Them – The Shrunken Heads

Last Sunday (the 20th of September), I went over to the ASB showgrounds for the Indie Market. It was chocked full of pretty prints, odds and ends, trinkets and of…

Wear / 23.09.2015

A Television Channel for Dogs?

On a typical Sunday I was avoiding my household chores by sitting in front of the television, not incredibly fussed about what was actually showing on the screen. I started to…

Live / 22.09.2015

What If Trump Wins?

With every passing day and every new poll, it seems that the United States inches closer to the edge of a terrifying precipice and an equally terrifying possibility: Donald Trump…

Inspire / 07.10.2015

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