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Second hand news have become the norm. More often than not, and especially with TV specials such as award shows, it is simply less time consuming to read and watch the highlights from social media sources, rather than sitting through three hours of general celebrity ass-kissing. If you were not sitting on your couch mid-afternoon watching the Golden Globes because you do indeed, have a life, we’ve got you covered. Here are the most memorable moments of the 2016 Golden Globes.

1. Ricky Gervais living the dream…

Of trolling the entire ceremony, not through Twitter while sitting at home in track pants, but from the stage itself. Gervais took shots at everyone from Caitlyn Jenner, to Roman Polanski, to NBC, the network that hired him, for the fourth time, and was not one bit apologetic. The fact that NBC has given Gervais consent for the fourth time (meaning he is doing something right) hasn’t stopped, mainly American, media outlets from asking if he has once again ‘gone too far’. Gervais was delightfully one step ahead of them with this tweet posted a few minutes before the show:

Watch Ricky Gervais’ 2016 Golden Globes opening speech here.

2. Ricky and Mel Gibson act like your drunk dad and uncle at a family BBQ.

Shots were fired but neither wanted to go down first. The question Ricky asks, that has been censored in most clips, references Gibson’s encounter with a female police officer back in 2006, whom he calls ‘sugar tits’. Ricky’s jokes hit every sore spot in the fallen stars recent anti-semitic/alcoholic history, and the banter between these two got so uncomfortable that it actually made it easier to feel just a little bit sorry for Mel.

3. Lady Gaga Wins a Golden Globe while Leo gives her the side eye.

Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie, if you didn’t know Gaga was now an actress, the award was presented for her role as The Countess on FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel. The Golden Globe winner gave a speech long enough to go way into the bit where no-fucks-are-given and the music starts. She finally concluded her outpouring by ironically stating she was truly ‘speechless’. At the same time the internet exploded because of this:

Watch Lady Gaga’s acceptance speech here.

4. Queen Latifah Sass.

Firstly at Lady Gaga when she suggested that her 110 million dollar music empire was only a stepping stone towards her acting career.

And then at these white girls being wack.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer together on stage here.

5. A.Schu & J.Law on stage.

The chemistry between these two real-life buds translates flawlessly on screen. Can they please host the 2017 Golden Globes? Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would be so proud.

6. Jennifer Lawrence wins, AGAIN.

Since The Hunger Games catapulted Jennifer Lawrence in to superstardom back in 2012, the 25 year old actress has now won three Golden Globes consecutively for her roles in three David O. Russell films: Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and this year’s Joy. As well as, two Academy Award nominations and one win, which may soon become two, if Golden Globe predictions are correct. The acclaimed ‘next Meryl Streep’ is undoubtedly Hollywood’s golden child, but I’m afraid like most over-saturated Number 1 hits on the radio, J.Law is getting a little stale.

7. Leo wins (and so does Kate!)

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech here.

Rose won for her acclaimed role in Steve Jobs (and made Channing Tatum feel like a fish out of water) while Jack got a standing ovation for his performance in The Revenant. Though the Golden Globes are usually seen as Academy Award predictions, recent winning history has us leaning more towards the idea that J.Law’s Golden Globe win WILL mean an Oscar, while Leo will succumb to countless more memes such as this:

8. Denzel Washington is honoured with Cecil B.DeMille Award,

But not even Denzel Washington, can escape the grasp of awkward dad’s club. The Tony Award, three time Golden Globe, and two time Academy Award winner got up on stage with his wife an three children. And while his speech featured little other than the reiteration of him forgetting his glasses, (hence being quite literally ‘speechless’) we did get to see one of the greatest actors of our generation in a situation that resembled more a night-in with his family, than an awards show being watched by millions of people worldwide.

Watch Denzel Washington’s acceptance speech here.

9. Matt Damon wins for his role in the ‘comedy’ film, The Martian.

It seems that when a film isn’t dramatic enough to be taken seriously, it gets chucked into the Comedy or Musical category. The danger of such an act was proved tonight when Matt Damon won a Golden Globe for his, witty but no-where-near ‘comedic’ role in Ridley Scott’s The Martian.

10. Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling make many ladies dreams come true

The banter was cute and funny, but if Brad and Ryan had just stood there and said nothing, it would have been equally as satisfying.

Watch Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt together on stage here.

11. Sylvester Stallone thanks his imaginary friend.

The great Sylvester Stallone won for Supporting Actor in the film Creed, which could be described as a contemporary spin-off the Rocky film series. Stallone kept the Hollywood Foreign Press happy by thanking them and stating that the last time he had been on that stage was in 1977. He also thanked his beautiful wife and children and the countless amount of people no one cares about unless you’re in the film. He even thanked his imaginary friend Rocky Balboa, ‘for being the best friend he ever had’. Unfortunately, Stallone forgot to thank the director Ryan Coogler, and lead actor Michael B. Jordan.

Watch Sylvester Stallone’s acceptance speech here.

12. Alejandro Gonzaález Iñárritu’s The Revenant wins big.

Another of Hollywood’s golden children, is Mexican director Alejandro Gonzaález Iñárritu (Yes, that’s right Donald Trump). His 2003 film Babel earned seven Academy Award nominations, and last years Birdman won it. This year, with Leonardo DiCaprio by his side, Iñárritu’s The Revenant won Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Drama, Best Director, and Best Motion Picture. Let’s hope when the Oscars come around, they can keep helping each other out.

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