Pack Up The Lego – Christy Mack Calls Off The Competition

Live 27.08.2014

Guys, it’s time to pack up the Lego and admit defeat, Christy Mack has officially called off the competition she started last week. 

Christy received well over 500 emails with Lego sculpture submissions, however no one was declared as the winner. 

If you missed the first article, Christy Mack is a pornstar who created a competition held on twitter for whoever could build her the best Lego sculpture, the prize for the best creation was fittingly a blow job. 

Christy posted a few tweets to Twitter explaining the sudden end to the competition and it was made clear in conversations with her fans that it was in-fact lawyers from Lego itself demanding the competition be stopped, probably wasn’t that great for their reputation…

She restarted the competition later on with a little bending of the rules!

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