Only The Best Visits Lamborghini – Gallardo Successor Information

Drive 27.08.2014

In hopes of bringing you more information on the successor the the Lamborghini Gallardo, Only The Best travelled to Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. The factory of course has no opportunity for photos however we were lucky enough to closely tour the Aventador production line. The Gallardo successor rumoured to be named the “Cabrera,” has a new production line next to the current Aventador assembly. We were told there was no information on the new model, that there was no way to see the model and that the name was not “Cabrera,” whether this was truth or an attempt to extinguish rumours we cannot confirm. 

What we can confirm is…as we left the Aventador line on our way out of the factory one of the doors to the new production line arose to reveal the Gallardo successor, there were several units however we got a clear glimpse of the new model finished in “Verde Ithaca,” the signature Lamborghini green with gloss black wheels and can also confirm some of the design features seen in the rumoured renders above. 

  • The model looks incredibly close the render above, it is very accurate.
  • It features grilles across the rear window, they span across the entire rear window, they appear closely styled from the Lamborghini Miura and many renderings have not featured these. (This was seen in one of the earlier prototypes as pictured above.)
  • The rear styling is sharp and reaches a high-point very similar to that of the Aventador.
  • Overall the Gallardo successor will appear almost like a stumpy version of the Aventador, however it looks spectacular.
  • They are currently in production.
  • It does not feature scissor doors as seen on the Aventador, we were told this is reserved for V12 models only.

Here are also some features we cannot confirm however seem highly likely.

  • It will be powered by a 5.2-lliter V10.
  • It will share the chassis of the second-generation Audi R8.
  • It will produce 600hp and be named the LP600-4.

We were lucky to get any glimpse of the new model at all, Lamborghini has kept the car top secret right up until the launch. You can see the social launch site from Lamborghini in a recent post here.

Pagani and Ferrari are nearby so we took a short detour on the way home, check out some of the photos from our day trip below including Lewis Hamilton’s Pagani Zonda 760LH seen on the roads of Modena. 

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