Nespresso – Auckland’s Flagship Boutique

Eat 08.01.2016

Nespresso has blessed coffee lovers with beautiful coffee and elegant Nespresso capsule machines. With Nespresso’s innovative machines, coffee connoisseurs now have the convenience of waking up to an aromatic cup of hot (or cold) coffee every day.


If you’re easy put off by capsuled coffee, let me tell you that the simplicity of coffee capsules is the future. It’s time to throw out your old school grinders because all of Nepresso’s coffee is freshly ground at their headquarters in Switzerland before it is incapsulated in aluminium to ensure freshness. Nespresso has taken the environment into consideration by choosing aluminium for it’s sustainability, and encouraging club members to bring their used capsules to the recycling station for Nespresso to recycle.


Nespresso sources the world’s top 1-2% of green coffee beans globally, stretching from Colombia to Ethiopia. Nespresso’s 23 capsule blends, which are referred to as “Grands Crus“, are expertly crafted from the coffee cherry to the cup.

Nespresso’s flagship boutique is located on the corner of Queen Street and Customs Street in the heart of Auckland CBD. This makes the fifth Nespresso boutique in New Zealand. Guillaume Chesneau, Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager, says:

“Auckland is known for its sophisticated coffee culture and I am excited to open the third Boutique in New Zealand’s largest city, and our fifth nationally.”



The flagship boutique is teamed with 20 coffee specialist to help guide club members in their search for the perfect cup of coffee. To aid in making a decision on which sleeve of coffee capsules to buy, there is a tasting bar where you can explore Nespresso’s vast offerings of blends. Like all luxury boutiques, Nespresso builds long term relations with club members through product knowledge and service.


As someone who depends on coffee to be a functional human being, my Nespresso Kitchen Aid has made my morning so much easier and it makes a beautiful Espresso Martini!

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