Feature: OTB x Marcel Lech Lamborghini Snowventador

Drive 25.02.2015

Who knew the Lamborghini Aventador would make such an amazing sled?

The collaboration between Only The Best and Marcel Lech photography presents The ‘Snowventador.’ A super car that has been completely winterised for the slopes and features a custom ski box fitted to the rear, the new PUR Aventador Aero Kit by SR Auto (which includes a carbon fibre front lip, carbon fibre deck lid, and a carbon fibre rear spoiler) and PUR 4OUR rims. Lastly the Aventador is protected from the harshness of winter, the entire car has been wrapped in satin black, while the front lip, alternatively called the snowplow, has been wrapped with a clear protective film.

The car drives splendidly in the snow as one would expect with the all-wheel drive capabilities, especially in combination with the 330 wide Pirelli tires in the rear. The owner (who owns many super cars including the Ferrari FF) did note that although the Aventador has more pizaaz, the FF is very much so still a wonderful winter driver. In fact the FF is incredibly practical in the snow as it too has 4-wheel drive capabilities and does not require additional modifications to carry skis – unlike the Snowventador.

You can catch this Snowventador around Vancouver, Canada and up the slopes in Whistler. 


Marcel Lech Photography

Only The Best


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