David Bowie’s Goodbye

Inspire 12.01.2016

Artist and pop culture icon David Bowie, has passed away in Manhattan, NY, after an 18-month battle with cancer. Bowie’s career has expanded over four decades and has continuously influenced and inspired following artists to innovate, experiment and break boundaries. Four days ago, on the 8th of January, Mr. Bowie turned 69 years old and released his 27th studio album Blackstar. One day earlier, the music video for his latest single Lazarus was released. At the time, the world barely recognised its significance, but it is now seen as the David Bowies ‘goodbye masterpiece’.

Look up here, I’m in heaven.

Saint Lazarus, Lazarus of Bethany or Lazarus of the Four days, is subject of a narrative found in the Gospel of John, where Jesus is believed to resuscitate him four days after his death. Though the legendary David Bowie is technically no longer with us, it is comforting to witness his devotion to music right up until the end. Mr. Bowie knew his music will never cease to bring him back, and he let us know with this final work of art.

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