This Social Media App Only Allows Access to Intoxicated Users

Video / 07.03.14

LIVR is the world's first social media platform to only allow access to intoxicated users. The smartphone app uses a pocket breathalyzer connected to your device to determine users blood alcohol levels, once intoxicated enough access is granted to an entirely new social media experience. 

LIVR founders, Kyle Addison and Avery Platz, believe social networks have become boring and only deliver a censored snapshot of our lives, LIVR allows users to let their hair down, and meet others around them who are doing just that. 

The app will deliver you a unique experience depending on just how drunk you are, providing truth or dare games, random dials to others around you and a map displaying where other inebriated users are... What's more, if your evening turns pear shaped, you are able to completely erase all traces of your evening using the "Blackout" button. 

All the app needs now is plenty of intoxicated users and a "get me a taxi button," check out the video above and prepare yourselves to jump on the latest social network from spring 2014. 


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