Aniva Huang

Aniva enjoys good food, a good drink, good company and bad humour. She is constantly torn between living an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle and being cheap and thrifty. Aniva is working towards a business degree and a new Louis Vuitton handbag.



Nespresso – Auckland’s Flagship Boutique

Nespresso has blessed coffee lovers with beautiful coffee and elegant Nespresso capsule machines. With Nespresso's innovative machines, coffee connoisseurs now have the convenience of waking up to an aromatic cup…

Eat / 08.01.2016

BaristaCats – A Combo of Coffee And Cats

Do you remember watching those videos of cats wandering around cafes in Asia that went viral? Those adorable 'cat cafes' have finally made it to New Zealand and BaristaCats is located right in central…

Eat / 04.12.2015

Our First Elizabeth Arden Boutique

Elizabeth Arden will be joining the group of luxury stores on lower Queen Street with their first New Zealand flagship beauty boutique, as well as being the first boutique outside of the…

Inspire / 02.12.2015

Miann for Miann – More Dessert For Auckland CBD

Miann means to desire or crave in Scottish Gaelic and it's definitely what I'm feeling for this new dessert shop. Miann recently opened up on the busy Fort Street sharing…

Eat / 25.11.2015

Simple DIY Natural Coffee Scrub

It's almost beach season again in New Zealand! The weather this year has gotten my body dry and flakey but it's time to fight back. Once the sun starts peaking out we…

Inspire / 09.11.2015
feature hansik

Hansik – Freemans Bay

Hansik is a Korean fusion restaurant located in Freemans Bay, along with other dining gems. Hansik offers a fine selection of Korea's favourite dishes that have been recreated from comfort food status to…

Eat / 24.10.2015

PappaRich – You M’lay Like This New Restaurant

The popular Malaysian franchise PappaRich has come to our shores! PappaRich offers a wide selection of favourite Malaysian dishes like Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. Their popular dishes also come in…

Eat / 28.09.2015

L’Atelier – A Hidden French Gem

It has been far too long since I've tried a new cafe that I genuinely enjoyed and can honestly say I will return to. I have a few regular spots…

Eat / 21.09.2015

Stay Humble – Starting with your Underwear

Humble was created in 2011 by New Zealand's very own DJ Reminise, when talking to a group of mates. They all agreed that they wanted to succeed in life as well…

Wear / 31.08.2015

When it’s Phở-king cold outside

It's been so damn cold recently that it even 'snowed' in Auckland for the first time in 72 years! What's worse than being stuck in this cold weather, is being…

Eat / 31.08.2015

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